January 3rd, 2012

Happy New Year (and freebie!)

We, at Mums And The City, love new year resolutions!  It’s enjoyable for us to take a few minutes out of our busy schedules to focus only on us and plan how we can improve ourselves this next year.   Apart from a little weight loss and spending more time with our babies, all of our lists include at least one objective to broaden our knowledge in our chosen hobbies & interests.

As a mum of a young baby, it can be difficult to commit the time for resolutions and it’s equally difficult to focus on anyone other than your baby.  This is precisely why we at Mums And The City have put together our Discovery Series offerings.  You can involve your baby, skip the hassle of planning & prep but still improve yourself this year by learning on one of our enlightening series. 

As an extra incentive, we will be giving away a free Discovery Series booking!  Anyone who books a Discovery Series this month (January 2012) will automatically be entered into our drawing.  We will randomly select a winner at the end of the month who will receive a full reimbursement on her booking– so she will be attending for free!

Start your year with a commitment to learn something new while spending time with your baby.  Book your Discovery Series today!

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