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What’s the difference between “series” and “classes”?
A series is made up of a number of classes, typically four. The same group of mums will be on all of the classes.

How many people are in each group?
Each series has about 10 mums and their babies. The same group of mums will be on all of the classes throughout the series.

Can I just book one class and not the whole series?
One of the goals of Mums And The City is to ensure mums are able to form friendships with other participants on the series. Therefore, you are only able to book for the entire series, not just one class so you have a chance to get to know the other mothers in the group.

What about dads?
We welcome dads to join us on our series!  We are aware that many fathers are lucky enough to spend quality time in the week with their little ones.  Any interested dads should definitely join us on one of our Discovery Series!

What if I need to feed my baby during a class?
Feeding facilities will be pointed out at the start of each class.  Whether we’re at a museum, gallery or doing a walking tour, we ensure facilities are available for feeding.

What if my baby cries/screams the whole time?
It’s perfectly okay!  That’s the benefit of having a private tour just for mums and babies.  We are understanding because we’re all mums, so not a problem.  If you would prefer to step out for a minute or two and then catch up with us, that’s perfectly fine.  Otherwise, we won’t mind if we hear little ones cry.  No one will give you horrible looks, you’re in safe company!

What about toddlers?
Mums And The City is pleased to cater for toddlers as well now!  We started off only offering outings for mums with babies, but so many of you requested series for toddlers as well.   So we now accept toddlers!  The trials have been successful so please feel free to come along with your little one– baby and/or toddler!