Mums And The City leads pram-friendly outings for mums and their little ones in London. Our outings are organised into Discovery Series which target a variety of interests, including museum tours, neighbourhood walks, tourist attractions and gallery visits. A series typically includes four classes over four weeks and each class is led by an expert to offer in-depth knowledge of the topic. Classes are kept small and the same group of mums is participating in the whole series which allows mums to really get to know each other over the weeks.

The Mums And The City series are designed for mums with babies/toddlers — from birth to about 3 years. Classes are designed for easy pram navigation and classes are kept small. We aim to arrange classes around lunch time to encourage mums to stay afterwards and continue conversations and form friendships.

  • Meet other mums
  • Pram-friendly outings
  • Stimulating conversations (not just baby topics!)
  • Private tours of London’s great attractions

Hassle-free days out

We design our classes with the pram in mind. Our outings are suitable and accesible for prams and we also ensure the changing and feeding facilities on site are comfortable for our mums and babies.

Meet other mums

We know mums of little ones have plenty of opportunities to meet other mums through the many activities available. But we haven’t come across any activities designed to meet other mums which are centred around the mums.

I love my daughter more than anything, but I need a break from all of the “baby talk”. Mums And The City gets me to use my brain again which I love! Mum to Eleanor

It can be difficult, especially in the early months, to get the courage to leave the house and venture into the city. By registering for one of the Mums And The City series, you simplify the process because we ensure the venues are mum and baby friendly and just by commiting yourself to the series it provides a reason to get out of the house with your little one.